Foundation Plastering Services

Plastering or "Parging" is the process of coating a portion of your foundation with new masonry. New masonry is applied to both poured concrete and concrete block foundations to hide surface imperfections normally due to age and water. A parged coat of masonry acts as a barrier against water and erosion which is very common with Upstate NY weather.

Old parging on your home or business can be repaired in many cases. Inspect your parging periodically; if superficial cracks appear, seal them quickly to prevent water infiltration, which is likely to cause more significant damage. Limited damage, such as minor cracks, small areas of detached material or nicked corners, can be repaired using quick-setting cement to complete the job of resurfacing in sometimes, one day. Resurfacing involves applying a thin parging coat to restore a uniform surface. If there are severe breaks, the old parging should be scaled off and a completely new coat applied.

Foundation parging can be performed on any portion of your foundation that is in need of rebuilding. Davco can work on your interior basement walls, exterior walls that are visible or after excavation, entire exterior walls from footing to sill plate.

When parging your foundation, whether interior or exterior, it is important to know how to address the issue and with what method. There is simply one coat Quickwall parging. Quickwall is a 6000lb grout with nylon fibers. It is very strong but is not made for deep depressions and infilling. The other end of the spectrum is when your foundation wall has many holes, cracks, or significant deterioration. In this case Davco uses a galvanized wire mesh along with nylon fasteners which we adhere to your wall. While these two anti-corrosion items do add cost, they are a way to solidify and add new structure to your wall before applying masonry.

Davco Masonry has seen it all! We can review your particular parging needs and provide you with options to correct the issue. Call or fill out our contact form below today to schedule your FREE consultation.