Basement Drainage Systems

Davco Masonry has over 50 years in business installing both residential and commercial drainage systems. We were the first to offer not only a LIFETIME WARENTEE, but the warranty is also ONE-TIME TRANSFERRIBLE which allows the next owner of the home to also have the lifetime warranty. Davco can offer this without hesitation because our materials and processes simply work.

Drainage systems are needed when you are experiencing water on your basement floors or in your block foundation walls. A drainage system allows the water to be forced into a drain line, which leads to a sump pump and then is pumped out of the home or business. Over time, water in your walls or under the floors causes deterioration of the concrete, mildew and even mold issues. A Davco drain system can remove this water and make your basement dry and safe for you and your family.

There are different variations and configurations of a drain system. Davco will come to your home or business and provide you with a FREE ESTMATE which will outline the processes and timeline for the work to be completed. An experienced and knowledgeable Davco Estimator will provide you with answers as to why the water is coming in, and the most cost-efficient way to control it.

After moving/removing any personal items from around the walls, Davco saw cuts the floor approximately 16" from the foundation walls. We then jackhammer out this concrete and remove it from your basement, one bucket at a time. After digging down, we install pvc, perforated, corrugated drain line into the trench along with a sump pump bucket(s) and connect the whole system together. This is when we will sometimes drill weep holes into the block walls to relieve the water pressure in the walls. We fill the trench with drainage stone and EPS pink board around the perimeter before pouring concrete back. Finally, we pull the pink board to expose a true french drain in your home which is guaranteed to keep your basement dry.

Please look at out photos and feel free to contact Davco Masonry to schedule a FREE consultation today!