Industrial & Commercial Masonry Services

When it comes to Industrial and Commercial painting/masonry, Davco has decades of experience. Our work is easy to see throughout upstate NY.

We provide some of the most experienced and skilled masons in NY. Our commercial work varies from plastering at high elevation buildings, all the way to pouring 100 foot concrete pads. Davco Masonry is talented in brick, block, stone facades, excavation, and any finish that our customer needs or is spec'd in the job. Davco goes as far as maintaining a project manager throughout the entirety of the project which will be very well versed in reading blueprints.

We will always keep a safe work environment while being aware of our customer's project timeline.

Industrial & Commercial Painting Services

Unlike residential painting where the aim is to provide protection and an aesthetic finish to all and every day paintable surfaces, industrial painting is focused on the surface preparation and use of specialized protective coatings.

Industrial painting involves preparing and painting large machinery such as industrial or manufacturing equipment, water towers, conveyer belts, bridges, and steel building structures. Preparing these surfaces is a difficult and dirty job. Davco uses tools that are different to residential or even commercial painting in that mostly structural steel surfaces are the project focus. Rust removal and protection by high build encapsulation are the focus. Tools that are primarily air-fed such as chippers and needle guns remove old paint and rust built up that formed over years of exposure to the elements.