Exterior & Interior Foundation Waterproofing

Davco has been waterproofing basements for over 50 Years!

Water will always find a way! It's patient and will slowly, over the course of years, work its way into your basement. Despite being durable, poured concrete walls do lose their waterproofing qualities and begin to crack and fail. Likewise, block walls eventually fill with water over time and crack, deteriorate from the inside and let water into your basement.

Davco has decades of knowing why water is getting in and stopping it! We are confident that we can keep your basement dry and safe....WE GUARANTEE IT!

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How Do We Waterproof Your Basement?
When you hire us for basement waterproofing service, we will use a variety of tried and tested methods to protect your home from water damage. Some methods include:

  • Exterior and interior foundation plastering
  • Exterior and interior drainage system installations
  • Sump pump installations
  • Vapor barrier installations
  • Water repellant application
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