Exterior Drainage Solutions

It is surprising how many people own homes that are next to a sloping hill or body of water. In many of these cases, when there is a spring thaw or extremely heavy rainfall, the foundation of you house acts as a dam and gets pounded with water. When this happens, the water sits next to your foundation walls for a long time and can do a lot of damage if not addressed.

Davco Masonry has been installing Exterior Drainage in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, and all over the Capital District where there are soggy areas. Depending on the lay of the land and situation, Davco can provide a comprehensive plan for your home or business to "head off" or intercept much of that water before it reaches your home or office.

After understanding the source of the water and the topography of the land, Davco will bring in heavy equipment to trench a line which intercepts the main flow of water. We then install a plastic swale, drain line and stone which will catch and control this water flow into run off lines which push the water away from your home and foundation.

Feel free to review the photos showing our process for controlling water runoff issues for your neighbors. When you contact us, Davco can then send out a knowledgeable and professional Davco Estimator to your home or business to provide a customized plan for your unique water issue.