Driveways & Asphalt Paving

Restore Your Driveway or Parking Lot

Are you tired of seeing cracks, depressions & dips, or broken sections in your paved driveway or parking lot? Is your plow guy ripping up parts of your pavement? It may be time for some asphalt resurfacing work. Davco Masonry, LLC can perform the paving services you need for residential and commercial locations.

Our paving installation & repair services include the following: new paving installations, asphalt resurfacing and pavement patchwork.

Don't Let Water Pool in Your Parking Lot
If your driveway or parking lot is prone to flooding, the issue might be your drainage. We can address any drainage problems you're dealing with and come up with a solution. Our company can install storm drains, French drains and dry wells to stop water from pooling. Davco can also use laser leveling to find the best water pitch for your asphalt runoff and correct your water issues.

Davco also installs beautiful and long lasting concrete driveways! Take your curb appeal up a few notches with a durable concrete driveway. While it is about double the cost, concrete also lasts more than twice the lifetime of asphalt. We can even color or stamp it! Call us to set up an appointment today to learn more about your new driveway options from Davco!