Basement & Garage Floors

Everything has a life cycle. We rarely think of concrete being "aged" and having a life cycle, but it does. Does your basement floor or garage floor have large cracks, pitting, or heaved areas? In basements, this is primarily caused by age, improper installations, and unresolved water issues. In garages, this is normally caused by the same issues, with the addition of salt on car tires, winter conditions and heavy wear and tare.

Davco specializes in correcting the cause of the issue, removing and replacing the failed floors. Over 50 years in business, Davco has experimented with many new ways to apply a cheaper solution to correct these issues. While some methods of skim coating, overlaying or epoxy coating do have their merits, and uses, they will never have the long lasting durability of new concrete.

Within a week or less, Davco can remove the damaged floor, prep, frame up and pour a new one. This is the best solution for a broken and crumbling basement or garage floor. We can then stain the concrete any color you want to apply epoxy floor coatings which will extend the life of the floors lifespan by decades.

Feel free to flip through the many photos we have on our site showing these processes and final results. We have experienced Estimators who can provide answers and solutions to your unique issue with a simple call or filling out the contact form below.