We are brick wall restoration specialists!

Brickwork in albany and Saratoga County ny

Davco is Proud to Have Brick Masons Working With Us For Over 30 Years

No Other Masonry Company in Troy, Albany or Saratoga County, NY Can Say That!

You can depend on a skilled brick mason from Davco Masonry, LLC to install brick throughout your home or business. The timeless look of brick fits well wherever you put it. We can handle all phases of brickwork and repointing, which is the process of renewing the external part of mortar joints. Repointing is important because it keeps water out of your brickwork.

Our services also include parging, a process that fills in voids and holes on stone surfaces. We can make your apartment airtight with a trowel and parge coat. We'll redo mortar as well as remove and replace failing brick.

Reach out today to speak to a stone mason in Troy, Albany & Saratoga County, NY.

Brickwork in albany and Saratoga County ny

We Can Handle All Phases of Brickwork and Repointing When the Others Cannot

We're prepared to help you out with anything related to brickwork. You can use brick masonry for a variety of projects, including:

  • Brick replacement
  • Brick repointing
  • Brick wall suring up and bracing
  • Brick walkways
  • Parapet walls
  • Chimneys

Brick laying is an art form. It takes years to learn the proper placement and install techniques. Davco has the best in the business!
Call Davco today at 518-271-8467 to ask us some questions! The call and the on site evaluation are FREE in Troy, Albany & Saratoga County, NY!